High current connector system in 9.0mm pitch

Connectors are the least perceived parts of an end product. Mostly installed on a circuit board, these are mostly invisible except for the external connection to the energy source, whereby they are often underestimated. An electronic device without a connector? Unthinkable!

Contrary to the trend of ever smaller grid dimensions and heights, W + P offers a giant in a 9.0 mm grid. It also has its customers, in this case it is products from the embedded computing area as well as the general power supply of peripheral devices. This type of wire-to-wire connection in crimp technology is used in difficult-to-access areas that require a high-current power supply.

The mechanically coded housing design of the pin and socket of the 991 series allows a lockable connection by audibly joining the central locking lug of the pin housing with the socket housing. This prevents accidental loosening, and at the same time this type of fuse serves as reverse polarity protection. Associated pin and socket contacts allow a hanging and detachable interface, robust crimp connections of this type guarantee high electrical and mechanical reliability, required for example in a vibration and vibration-rich environment.

The 991 series is available in the following contact numbers: 02, 03, 04 and 06, applicable for a cable cross-section of AWG 20 - 14, the connectors can be used for up to 15 A per contact. A copper alloy with a tinned contact surface is available as the contact material; the insulating bodies are made of thermoplastic plastic in accordance with UL94 V-2. A reliable function is guaranteed in the temperature range from -25 ° C to + 85 ° C.

Interesting areas of application are areas that are difficult to access and require a mechanically resilient but at the same time floating power supply. Samples and data sheets of the 991 series are available free of charge on request.

Direct connector in 1.00mm pitch

The product name "Card Edge" already describes the function and contact area of ​​the component.

This way, another board is contacted without detours at the edge of the board: An additional connector is not required, this creates space on the circuit board and reduces the assembly effort.

With a pitch of 1.00mm, the design of the 1282 series is ideally suited for space-saving solutions in the areas of telecommunications and industrial technology. The surface-mountable components offer 10 to 140 contact positions with different coding, whereby further coding is possible on request. Direct contact to another board is made in the slot using contact springs on both sides.

W + Ps board edge connectors can be used up to a PCB thickness of 1.60 mm (+/- 0.16 mm). The nominal current is 1.1 A, the connector is gold-plated in the contact area, and a tin-plated surface is available in the soldering area.

The taped (tape & reel) delivery form enables automatic assembly with processing in the SMT manufacturing process, with a film pad if required. The insulating body is made of thermoplastic material according to UL94 V-0. Safe operation is guaranteed in the temperature range from -55 ° C to + 105 ° C, the soldering process is carried out using the reflow process.

Free samples are available on request.

High-speed board-to-board connector for data rates of up to 28 GB/s

They are used wherever compact stacking of printed circuit boards in limited space is required. We are talking about B-t-B (board-to-board) connectors, which, thanks to their low overall height, guarantee a minimum PCB clearance. As the data rate increases almost proportionally to the shrinking housing size, W + P's new B-t-B connectors also offer an optimal solution:

The SMT series are designed for modern and demanding high-speed applications with up to 28 Gbps, for example in embedded computing or industrial applications. Specifically: Series 5055, with a maximum performance of 25 GB / s, with Series 5088 there are either 14 GB / s fully populated, or 28 GB / s as a paired version, here the transmission of the high frequencies can be done differentially. The differential transmission is far less sensitive to interference due to the paired distribution of the pins, since the coupled pins each send out a signal with the opposite polarity at the same time.

The connectors, designed in a vertical orientation, have a height of 2.05 mm (female) and 4.27 mm (male), which results in a PCB spacing of 5 mm. In addition, the dense contact design in a grid of 0.5 mm (5055) / 0.8 mm (5088) enables developers to save space in constructions where stacking of printed circuit boards is required.

Designed as a plug connector on the plug side, the special housing geometry of the B-t-B components allows reverse polarity contact. The mass is supplied via a centered, electrically conductive surface in the male contact area and by spring contacts on the socket side.

The two-row connectors with 60, 120, 180 (5055) and 40, 80, 120 (5088) contacts are available as fully populated versions; the paired version provides the following distinction: 5055 - 40, 80 and 120 contacts, 5088 - 28 , 56 and 84 contacts.

Positioning aids take over the task of correct alignment at a defined location on the circuit board. Without loss of stability, both series are suitable for at least 100 mechanical mating cycles. The contacts can be used up to a nominal current of up to 2 A, depending on the assignment, for the ground plane it is 7.8 A.

The belted delivery form with film pad enables a fully automatic assembly with processing in the SMT manufacturing process. The insulating body is made of thermoplastic material according to UL94 V-0. Safe operation is guaranteed in the temperature range from -55 ° C to + 125 ° C.

Datasheets are available for download, corresponding samples can be requested free of charge.

Wire-to-board IDC connector in two pitches

With the W-t-B IDC series 601 and 602, W + P presents an option for processing larger cable cross-sections. This makes it possible to connect cables quickly. The connectors themselves can also be easily installed in the field using hand tools.

The insulation displacement area of ​​the 601 series is designed for a wire cross section of AWG 28 - 22, the grid dimension is 2.54mm. With the 602 series, the conductor cross-section is AWG 24 - 18, with a pitch of 3.96 mm.

The sockets of the two series are available as through or end options, with or without coding (only 601). With the pin headers, there is a choice between a straight and angled version, which is offered with an additional locking option. Protective caps also available ensure a secure connection, which enables strain relief for the sockets. Data sheets provide clear and detailed information on the individual order alternatives. W + P hereby offers a diverse system that can replace established products that are already on the market.

A copper alloy is available as contact material; the series differ in terms of nominal current and nominal voltage: 3 A and 250 V AC for the 601 series, 5 A and 600 V AC for the 602 series. The number of contacts ranges from 02 - 16 ( Series 601) and from 02 - 20 (Series 602), an exception are the pin headers of the 601 series, which are even available up to 40-pin.

The insulating body material consists of thermoplastic material according to UL94 V-2 and UL94 V-0. Safe operation is ensured in a temperature range from -25° C to + 85° C, processing is carried out using the wave soldering process. Free samples and data sheets are also available. An ideal area of ​​application is the production of power supply lines.

Tailor-made cable assemblies - W + P offers everything from a single source

When it comes to high-quality, reliable cable assemblies that can be implemented at short notice, W + P supports you as a certified full-service provider with a wide range of technology. In addition to reliable standard cable assemblies, there are especially tailor-made solutions in which W + P can demonstrate its know-how. The accompanying photo shows a USB Type C cable assembly for all USB types.

UL-certified strands and cables, flex cables and ribbon cables are used. The cable types can be individually assembled using a wide variety of connection technologies, including using crimp, IDC or solder connections. A combination of different connector families on one cable is also possible.

Pre-assembled solutions, such as USB, RJ45 or D-Sub, are available in a variety of lengths, pitches, number of contacts, orientations, etc.

In the development process, W + P sees itself as a professional partner who provides qualified support throughout the entire project. In particular, the fulfillment of all needs by the customer counts, but the technological and economic feasibility is kept in mind.

In addition to competent advice including a requirement analysis, tailor-made development that is tailored to the respective application plays a major role. It is accompanied by drawings and prototypes, up to the final inspection and delivery of the product ready for series production.

The aim is to always score with the best possible price-performance ratio at a high technical level. In our opinion, quality is the most convincing argument.

Compact board-to-board solutions with a pitch of 1.27mm

W + P is expanding its established Board-to-Board (B-t-B) range by five series, consisting of four connector series and a cable assembly using insulation displacement technology. While the 9017 to 9020 series allow, among other things, flexible arrangement of printed circuit boards, the pre-assembled 998-916 series enables a secure connection that can also withstand mechanical loads.

The SMT pin and socket strips of the 9017 to 9020 series offer a wide range of combination options for printed circuit boards: vertical and horizontal connection of boards, as well as a mix of a standing and lying version, which creates a right-angled arrangement. Additional lateral soldering angles ensure a solid attachment on the circuit board.

A total of 10 different pole numbers between 12 and 80 contacts are available. A copper alloy with the surface options of flash gold-plated up to a coating of 0.75 µm gold is offered as contact material. The insulating bodies are made of thermoplastic plastic in accordance with UL94 V-0. Safe functioning is ensured in a temperature range from -55 ° C to + 125 ° C.

With the cable assembly series 998-916, W + P is expanding the portfolio as a version with IDC connection technology. It is available assembled on both sides. Four different orientations of the mating face are possible, furthermore the length of the ribbon cable can be freely selected according to the application, here the wire cross-section is AWG 30. In accordance with the above-mentioned B-t-B series, the double-row insulation displacement socket is also available in 10 different numbers of poles. A copper alloy with a gold surface of 0.75 µm is available as the contact material. Here the insulating body made of high temperature resistant plastic according to UL94 V-0 is offered, the suitable temperature range extends from -20 ° C to + 105 ° C.

Optimal areas of application are connections of printed circuit boards and connections of internal and external devices. To find, for example, in the embedded computing area, automation technology and in industrial applications.

Data sheets and corresponding samples can be requested free of charge.

Wire-to-board connector as direct contact

When it comes to the use of non-detachable connections on the circuit board, crimp connections offer high mechanical stability.

W + P offers a range of wire-to-board connectors as board-in solutions that create a permanent and secure connection by soldering them directly into the circuit board. To stabilize the circuit board, all contacts are equipped with an additional retention function to make processing easier.

A copper alloy is used as the contact material for all series. The cable-to-circuit board contacts are available in different grid options: 2mm, 2.50mm and 3.96mm, in straight and angled design. The wire cross-section is designed for an AWG range from 30 to 16, depending on the series. The nominal current ranges from 1 A to 7 A, and the number of solder contacts varies between 2 and 16. Safe operation is guaranteed in a temperature range from -25 ° C to + 85 ° C. All other technical data can be found in the respective data sheets of the series: 523, 524, 571, 572, 573 and 593.

A single crimp contact series (600) completes the board-in range: The contact material here is a copper alloy with a contact surface made of tin over nickel. Designed for a cable cross section of AWG 22 - 18 or 28 - 24, the series can be used for bore diameters from 1.0 to 1.2 mm (option 10) and 1.8 mm (option 18). Further information:

Typical areas of application for board-in solutions can be found in the areas of industrial electronics, lighting and power supplies.

Compact connector with low height

Diverse requirements, but too few solutions in small pitches? That changes with the SMT series 5265 from W + P.

It offers a cable-to-circuit board connection as a crimp-latch system, both in classic W-t-B applications and also in the LED area.

Consisting of a horizontal pin header, socket contacts and a socket housing, the two-pole components ensure reliable contacting and precise connection; Thanks to the small grid dimension of 1.80mm and the low height of 0.9mm, the series offers an optimally compact space result.

The system covers wire cross-sections from AWG 34-28. A current carrying capacity of up to 2 A is given, specifically: (1.3 A AC / DC –AWG 34, 1.5 A –AWG 32, 1.8 A –AWG 30, 2.0 A –AWG 28).

The contact material consists of a copper alloy, the insulating body made of thermoplastic material according to UL94 V-0. The 5265 series is designed for a volume resistance of <20mΩ, in the temperature range from -25 ° C to + 85 ° C a safe function is guaranteed. The processing takes place in the reflow soldering process.

This surface-mountable series also fits the common design requirements of miniaturization. Applications are in addition to the industrial sector, such as sensors and power supplies in the embedded area, industrial electronics, measurement and control technology, control technology, and LED applications.

Data sheets and corresponding samples can be requested free of charge.

Connector systems bring life to the board

Without the right components, a circuit board would simply be a lifeless carrier for electronic components with conductor tracks. In addition to other necessary elements, connector systems are the first to breathe life into a printed circuit board.

Components that are often used are, for example, wire-to-board / wire-to-wire connections, which, as an essential function, implement a connection between two cables or one cable to the circuit board in order to guarantee the power and signal supply.

With five new article series: 499, 570, 589, 5113 and 5265, W + P secures the need for particularly small grid dimensions of the Crimp-Rast W-t-W / W-t-B product family. The series are offered as pin (PCB / cable) and socket strips (cable), socket housings and contacts. These are available from a pitch of just 1.0mm, in a lying or standing orientation, some with locking.

The contact material consists of a copper alloy, the insulating body made of thermoplastic material according to UL94 V-0. The components mentioned are offered in different finishes, designed for a cable cross-section of AWG 34 - 22. The number of contacts varies between 2 and 50. Corresponding data sheets are available for download.

Interesting areas of application of the space-saving and safe wire-to-board and wire-to-wire systems are the transport of electricity and signals in areas such as embedded, industrial electronics, lighting or measurement and control technology.

On request, W + P develops and produces customer-specific solutions. Samples of the products described above are available free of charge on request.

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